We all know that a powerful image can speak a thousand words. The same goes for engaging video and graphics. Coast Studios have an in-house photographer in Coffs Harbour to capture the essence of your business, shoot staff photos to help us create amazing visuals to use on whatever your design needs may be.

Coffs Photographers

Images are a universal language. High quality photography leaves a good impression, and should be used with thoughtfulness and consideration. It’s easy to plonk a generic image in a website. But a beautiful, relevant photo grabs attention.

Let us enhance your website by adding photography into your package. Hiring us to do your photography ensures that you get consistent, high quality images that you will be able to use all across your business from your website, to flyers, stickers, posters and more!

When it comes to where and how to use your images, you can collaborate with our designers to ensure that each image used in your website is intentional. Images should tell a story, and enhance who you are! You’re not locked into photo-realistic images either – we can convert photos to infographics and animations to be used in a whole range of different ways.

If you have a sales site, having crisp and clear images of your stock is vital. Even better are videos! Recent studies have shown that having a short product video can increase sales conversion by 144%. The sky is the limit when it comes to your own productions. So lets get creative and dream up new ways to boost your brand. Contact us today and arrange your free consultation.

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Our Photography Services include:

  • Photography shoots
  • Video shoots
  • Photo deep-etching
  • Animations
  • Illustration
  • Infographics

We also provide website design and graphic design, so be sure to contact us for a complete branding revamp for your company today!

P.S We offer a whole stack of other design services. Check them out here!

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