Our websites are custom built, creative and look good on and and every device! We use the latest in development and search engine optimisation techniques ensuring an optimal viewing experience on a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets & desktops.

For the average person the idea of putting together a new website, its form, function and conceptual design can be an overwhelming and a daunting challenge. At Coast Studios Coffs Harbour Websites, we work closely with you to design and build websites that are clear, concise and beautiful!

We also provide additional services such as domain name registration and hosting packages, designing html newsletters and email marketing campaigns and assistance with ongoing site maintenance and support.

If you’re looking for professional web design Coffs Harbour, Coast Studios is the digital agency you need!

Our Web Design team can help you with:

  • Content Management Systems
  • Responsive Website Design
  • E-commerce
  • Custom Website Development
  • Mobile Websites
  • Domains & Hosting
  • SEO Strategy
Sugar Plum Coffs Harbour Website Design

Professional Web Design Services

WordPress Websites

At COAST, we predominantly build all our websites on the WordPress CMS Platform. It’s flexible, robust, completely customisable and allows the customer a stress free experience when you need to edit your website.

Ecommerce Websites

Do you sell products? Then you’ll need an ecommerce solution! Ecommerce websites are an essential part of your business as 71% of ALL shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in store! Coast are experienced ecommerce specialists and are we’re here to help you!

Responsive Website Design

A responsive website is a must these days, over 60% of internet access is occurring on mobile devices! Without a responsive website framework the user experience on a mobile or a tablet device will be poor and cost your business leads and sales!

Website Maintenance

We’re not here just to get your site up and running, we’re here to help with support, training and any on going maintenance or work you require to keep refining and improving your website. We offer great pre-paid packages tailored to suit your business needs.

Common questions about our Websites Process

Our Process

Listen to our own voice (the designer’s inner voice): As designers, it is important that we listen to our inner voices as we design. This rule is the last to abide to because in practicality, it actually comes last. After getting to listen to the client and getting an appreciation of their needs, doing some market research to understand the audience, it is now time to design. During the design phase, we have to listen to our inner ‘designer voice’. A good way to go about the design process is to do a sketch of the design. This acts as the framework, and then adding onto the sketch slowly. Getting a conceptual model that resembles what we want to do. This will act as the starting point. From there, we can then add onto it as we carry on. Even though the visual appeal of the website is of utmost importance, the usability of the website doesn’t lag far behind. The website is meant for human users. It should be easy to navigate through the site. A number of unwritten rules need to be followed here. These include such rules as keeping the menu bar and the header at the top in a way that links them orderly. The Homepage button should be the first button for easier navigation through the site since, essentially, it is the most important page in the site. The homepage should also be able to link up the user to all the other pages and sections of the website

Abiding by these three rules has served to help us deliver on all our past projects.

What we offer

A ‘masterpiece’ is what as creators we aspire too, bringing into the process all the emotion, reasoning and logic to bring it to life.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been designing for years or just starting, the challenges, thrill and satisfaction of completing what is a work of art, is the same. However with experience, the basics and creative flare develops and innovative concepts flow and therefore the design process becomes more natural and organic.

The latter is pretty much the case here Coast Studios, Coffs Harbour where we have a host of professional website designers on staff to design websites for our clients with that certain texture, responsiveness and excitement that our clients come to expect from us. Backed by other services such as brand designing and graphic designing, web designing is our core service – with the whole world and businesses alike turning to the internet world, the need of website designing has never been greater.

Here are some of the basic guidelines that guide us as we design your website:

  1. a.     It is important to practice the design of good user interfaces. To make the site we are designing more navigable, the importance of placing buttons and elements in the same position in all the pages is emphasized.
  2. b.    Making the headers of every page in the site identical. This enhances uniformity across the whole site.
  3. c.     Designing websites logically. Lists and other elements in any page of the site are arranged logically to follow a particular order, such as importance or order.

We design with logic design in mind.

Logic design requires designers to create web pages in a consistent style and manner. This ensures that the site has thematic harmony as well as structural consistency. Sticking to a few colours throughout the design phase adds to the harmony and consistency. Using too many font sizes in the same design creates inconsistency. If using one is not an alternative, then the few to be used are used alternately in a web page. The same alternating fashion will have to be repeated throughout the website for the sake of harmony in the website. The easiest way to create replicating pages throughout the pages of the website without having to design every page is by using cascading style sheets. The CSS brings uniformity and allows the designer to change a particular element in one page and the change tends to replicate in all the other pages. Therefore, we do not have to change all the pages individually. To maximize the readability of the websites, we break the web pages’ content into sections and subsections. We use headings and subheadings for the various sections of the sites; this emphasizes the importance of some content over others. The websites should be universal in the sense that the designer should use basic HTML in the creation of the pages avoiding plug-ins that cannot open on some browsers. Our intention is to keep the images simple for the web; this ensures that everything is snappier and the speed of loading the images is increased. However, it is not prudent to keep them too simple, it is important that we strike a balance between the need for loading speed and the desire for quality images. Once the website is complete, testing may involve using a few people from the target audience in the actual testing and obtaining feedback on the same. Based on their feedback, we can do the final changes before presenting the complete website to our clients.

Design Services offered

We offer a number of services in our web designing department to our customers. Services that work in complementary fashion to the core web design service. Search engine optimization; through which we assure our clients of higher rankings in the search engines. We also do email campaigns for our clients to popularize their products when asked to. Domain name registration is another important service offered by Coast Studios, Coffs Harbour. Other services include but are not limited to: website hosting, designing mobile websites, html newsletters, as well as redesigning of websites when clients do not want websites built from scratch. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you need; from small websites that you can edit yourself to full ecommerce sites we handle them all. We also offer maintenance services to our clients if called upon to do so.

We offer affordable web design options to our clients because we do not believe in overcharging our clients. Whatever your project needs, our pricing is affordable and the personalised services you receive with Coast Studios, Coffs Harbour is in our opinion difficult to beat!.

Our professionalism and experienced staff understand that the client’s needs come first and therefore, they strive to ensure that they get all your ideas and involve the client in the design process as much as possible. The say, the customer is always right and your needs are always used to guide the service you will receive. Coast Studios, is the best mobile web design company because we always strive to be the number one website design service provider Australia wide by putting our clients’ needs at the forefront of the design process.

If you are in need of website design services in the Coffs Harbor region, Coast Studios is definitely the place to visit. We do not just promise, we deliver. A wise man once said that one is as good as their last job. Based on the number of referrals we receive and the successful projects that our designers have handled, then we can confidently claim to be one of Australia’s best website designers.

We serve a range of clients from large corporate firms to individuals Australia wide, from our base in Coffs Harbour, who need websites with personalised professional attention and enthusiasm in providing great design and value to our clients. Your online presence is very important to us.

Responsive Websites Coffs

Our ultimate web design goal is to make our client’s websites as responsive as possible for easy navigation and use in a number of devices. With the modern world being engulfed by smart phones and tablets, the need for sleek and responsive websites has never been higher.

Responsiveness entails minimal resizing and scrolling on the small devices such as phones. It doesn’t matter whether the client is in need of a small personal website or a large corporate site, the basics are the same, and the design process is accorded a much importance as it deserves. Our goal is to satisfy our clients, we therefore strive to ensure that we meet this goal.

Having been in the industry for years you can trust us when we say that we have experienced staff that has the requisite knowledge and experience to get the job done as per your expectations. Your business is as important to us as it is to you, therefore, our web designers will discuss your business in an effort to understand it and the ideals behind it.

Website Design Considerations

Listening to you; listening to the clients is the basic and most important rule to web designing. Website Design, however good it is, without putting the clients’ needs into consideration is a suicidal way to conduct business. We understand that our clients’ needs come before our own. How do we go about implementing this rule? We engage in comprehensive discussions with all our clients, whether potential or ongoing ones. Usually we ask them to show us a number of websites that they like and which they would like their projects to resemble. That way, we are able to get constructive informed ideas from which we do our designs. It is also imperative that we study the client’s company or business in depth. This helps us understand the company’s corporate identity and therefore, implement it in the design process. Getting the client to show us a few of the websites that they fancy not only gives us a reference point but it also gives us ideas that they we may not have considered.

Website Design aims to...

Understand the target audience: Understanding the projects’ audience, their likes and then designing as per their expectations. That way we can get more of them interested in the site that we are designing.  Every website has a target audience. Whether the site is for commercial, entertainment or informational purposes, the site is still meant for people.

The aim of a good design is to keep the people on the site longer once they get to the site or get them coming back to the site. Without understanding the audience first there is no other way of designing a website that will let us achieve our objective.

P.S We offer a whole stack of other design services. Check them out here!

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